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Market Surveys

Market profiling-segmentation, customer behavior.

Identify your customers and non-customers. How do they differ and why. Understand how customers move from interest in your products to purchasing them.

Brand and Product Surveys

Brand equity surveys, customer attitudes.

Does your product meet customer expectations? Deal with attitudes formed about the product for higher conversions. Find out what psychological value your brand holds in the marketplace.

Sales Lead Generation Surveys

Nurturing your sales funnel.

Timely use and follow-up of sales leads. Qualifying leads for shorter marketing and sales cycles leading to efficient use of sales resources.

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The proliferation of products and services on the market necessitates bold measures to distinguish oneself from the competition. But how do you do that? Through careful planning! However, planning is based on good, solid market research:
You need to know who your potential ideal customers are! You need to know how ready they are to purchase your product or services. You need to find out if your product is accepted by the customers. Does your product fulfill customer expectations? Do customers have a psychological connection with your brand? How can you entice non-customers to become customers? How do you handle your sales process?
These, and many others, are the questions that a good marketing research program can answer!

"Simply put, the solution to most business problems can be found through marketing research". (Scott Smith & Gerald Albaum, Qualitrics, 2012)

Marketing research is the process of understanding the customer, the company and the competition. To be successful, a company must understand and respond to its customers desires and also to the competition and the products and services they sell in your market.

Chowa Research consulting provides services that seek to help you find solutions to customer and competitor moves. By conducting research that targets specific points of pain, Chowa Research helps you gain an understanding of the strategic options open to you. Our research process is thorough, rigorous and accurate. Our research reports are helpful and insightful. We would like to partner with you in your quest to grow your business. Give us a call today at (919) 945-9548 or email us at!

Our Research Process

  • The first step in the research process is to formulate the problem. In most cases the research problem is based on an issue that management is facing. The problem needs to be understood, it's causes diagnosed and a solution found.

    However, before the research can progress, a cost-benefit analysis needs to be conducted to see if the research project should be initiated. Some problems that management face do not lend themselves to the research paradigm. Management would then be wasting resources by engaging in pointless research!

    If the research problem is amenable to a solution, the next steps are to choose a method of inquiry (that is, whether the research will be quantitative or qualitative), and a research method (experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental).

  • The research design is a plan or framework for conducting the study and collecting data. These are the procedures that will be followed in acquiring the data needed to resolve the problem.

    Most of the time will be spent on this stage because it requires careful planning for a successful research project. Some of the issues that will be discussed here are the best data collection techniques to be used (whether observation, interviews, surveys etc.) and sample design (who is the target population and who in that population will participate in the research study). Most errors occur at this stage!

  • Having carefully planned the steps to be taken, the next stage is to execute the research project. This stage involves actual data collection, data analysis and results.

    Data collection begins with communications to the intended study subjects and conducting of the chosen data collection method. The data are then collected from subjects and made ready for analysis.

    Before data analysis is carried out, the data are cleaned and secured in line with privacy laws. The data are then used as input to complex statistical algorithms depending on the type of data and the desired solution.

    The results of the statistical analyses are then written up in a report with implications and possible courses of action for management to consider.

  • The report is one of the most important pieces of the process. It is the part that provides the guidance to the client to make the desired changes. The report is a communication tool. All the insights and knowledge gained are distilled into the report and transferred to the appropriate departments for action.

    This stage does not only involve the writing of a report. The researcher and the client have a series of communicaton events which may be in the form of PowerPoint presentations, face-to-face meetings with individual managers, briefings with staff, etc.

    This stage ends with the acceptance, by the sponsors, of the work performed.

Market Surveys

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Brand and Product Surveys

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Sales Lead Generation Surveys

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